Spray Cannons / SPRAYCANNON 60SS+


Immensely powerful, the SC100SS mobile dust suppression cannon is completely self-contained with its own 60kVa generator and a 2,000 – 24,000L capacity water tank.

Capable of spraying dust-binding water droplets across distances of 100m and up to 35m high, this high pressure dust cannon is used extensively in outdoor environments such as quarries and demolition sites.

This top of the range spray cannon has a number of optional extras including 0-359° oscillation, MEC vacuum pump and remote controls.

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Technical details
Throw 60 m
Water use 1 – 4500 l/h
Generator 30 kVA (G)
Vac. Pump Option
Watermark 7m3 – 20m3
Oscillation 0-320° (E)
Vert. angle -15° to 60°
Pressure 25 Bar
Remote C. Option
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