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The SprayCannon 5 is a fog machine that creates a curtain of ultra fine micro-droplets of water across
a 5m radius.

This mobile dust cannon is very versatile and can be used to suppress dust or odours in a wide variety of situations including quarries, demolition and construction sites, and during materials processing and bulk handling — wherever dust or odours need to be contained.

It can be used within a building or outside to create a mist that clings to airborne contaminants making them heavier. Gravity then causes the dust and odour particles to fall to the ground thereby cleansing the working environment.

Suitable for floor or wall mounting, this 30 X 20 X 40cm dust suppression system has manual 60° angle adjustment, a 4l water reservoir that is ideal for brief rapid response needs and a float for continuous use.

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Technical details
Throw 5-10 m
Water 0-5 l/h
Electricity 230 V
Length 30 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 40 cm
Weight 2 kg
Rotation None
Vert. angle 0 to 60°
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