Spray Cannons / SPRAYCANNON 40


The SprayCannon 40 is a fog machine that produces a curtain of micro-droplets. The curtain suppresses dust in open and closed spaces by binding dust particles in the air so they fall to the ground through gravity (air cleansing). With the addition of a Mast you can gain an additional 6m in height.

The SprayCannon suppresses dust in an environmentally friendly and efficient way at crushing sites, demolition sites, when handling raw materials or cross-docking bulk goods. The SprayCannon 40 can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

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Technical details
Throw 40 m
Water 0-1000 l/h
Electricity 110/400 V
Length 130 cm
Width 90 cm
Height Max. 6 m.
Weight 350 kg
Oscillation 0° – 180°
Vert. angle -15° to 60°