Spray Cannons / SPRAYCANNON 35


Generating a water spray of up to 25m, the mobile SprayCannon 25 is capable of tackling bigger indoor or outdoor dust or odour suppression projects. The 130 x 90 x 130cm cannon oscillates up to 220° and tilts between 15 – 60°.

This robust dust control system has two tubeless tired wheels and is light ensuring it is easy to move even across rough ground. That could be a construction, demolition or recycling site, processing plant or wherever effective dust or odour contamination control is important.

All our spray cannons produce tiny 20-150µm water particles that bind with airborne dust and odour contaminates causing them to fall to the ground. Their highly effective air dust suppression systems are very efficient to run.

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Technical details
Throw 35 m
Water 0-750 l/h
Electricity 230 V
Length 130 cm
Width 90 cm
Height 130 cm
Weight 200 kg
Oscillation 0° – 220°
Tilt -15° – 60°
Wheels 2 tubeless
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