Spray Cannons / SPRAYCANNON 35/40SS


Our SprayCannon 35SS and 40SS models are robust and highly effective indoor and outdoor dust control systems. Both spray cannons are fully self-sufficient having ample water storage and built-in generators. They can also be used for odour control too.

The SC25SS provides a dust suppression system capable of spraying a fog of ultra-fine water particles across distances of up to 25m whilst the slightly more powerful SC35SS offers a maximum 35m spray range.

These cannons can be surface mounted or are available as road safe trailers. Both have an oscillation of 0-359° with a vertical angle range of -10 – 60°. The SC25SS and SC35SS have integral 2000-5000l water tanks.

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Technical details
Throw 35/40 m
Water 1-1000l/h
Generator 7 kVA (G)
Trailer Option
Watertank 2m³-5m³
Oscillation 0-180° (E)
Vert. angle -15° to 60°
Pressure 40 Bar
Skid Steel
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