Spray Cannons / SPRAYCANNON 25SS


This compact and self-sufficient spray cannon is ideal for smaller demolition, construction, recycling or agricultural projects. Fitted with a 1150l water bowser and 7kWa generator, it can run independently for up to 3.5 hours.

The SprayCannon 25SS dust suppression system generates a fine water mist across distances of 15m and up to 8m high. A powerful fan and innovative spray nozzles, fitted with filters, ensure this is highly effective and also very efficient dust management cannon.

Mounted onto a two-axel trailer, the SC25SS has manual tilting and rotation, weighs 500kg (excluding water) and is road safe.

It is also suitable for controlling odour emissions and asbestos removal contamination.

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Technical details
Throw 25 m
Water 0-300 l/h
Electricity 230 V
Length 340 cm
Width 178 cm
Height 200 cm
Weight 500 kg
Rotation 0 – 359°
Tilt -15° – 60°
Trailer 2 axled incl break
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