Spray Cannons / SPRAYCANNON 15


Designed specifically for tackling smaller dust suppression projects, the SprayCannon 10 is very versatile.

This light and compact mobile dust cannon is suitable for indoor and outdoor industrial environments and is popular with demolition, recycling and construction contractors. It is also used extensively on asbestos removal projects as its exceptionally fine misting capability ensures the safe containment of even the finest particles.

The SC10 dust control systems have a 450kW 3 bladed fan with 9 fine mist nozzles which produce a maximum water spray of up to 10m whilst minimising electricity and water usage.

The SC10 is very effective at minimising odours too.

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Technical details
Throw 10-15 m
Water 0-100 l/h
Electricity 230 V
Length 55 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 73 cm
Weight 18 kg
Oscillation None
Tilt Yes
Freq. valve Water: Yes

Air: Yes

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