We beat the dust!

Garic has selected that best dust and odour suppression products on the market to complement its range of welfare and site set up equipment.

The unique misting technology of these highly innovative spray cannons has taken dust control to a whole new level. Ultra-fine water particles – just 10 – 150 micrometres – form a binding ‘fog’ that cleans the working environment by bringing airborne dust quickly to the ground.

These spray cannon’s provide more effective and efficient hazardous emission control.

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The Right Solution For Every Dust Problem

The right solution for every dust problem!

Garic’s robust, reliable and cost effective spray cannon’s are suitable for every type and size of site – whether that’s indoors or outdoors. They are already working hard on thousands of dust and odour suppression projects across Europe including:

Demolition and asbestos removal sites

Concrete production plants

Recycling sites and biomass processing plants

Soil remediation works

Steel and slag handling sites

Wood and aluminium processing plants

Landfill sites


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SC5: The only handheld indoor use spray cannon available in the UK. The SC offers high levels of dust and odour protection in the most confined indoor environments.



SC15: The bestselling SC15 offers subliminal dust control protection for in and outdoor environments. Light yet robust, the SC15 produces a dust binding fog wall across distances of up to 15m.



SC45SS: Self-contained and suitable for high volume outdoor use, the SC45SS is an exceptionally effective and popular dust control system with a spray range of up to 45m.


Available standalone, self-contained or truck mounted

5m to 100m spray range

Indoor, outdoor and handheld options available

Highly effective droplet binding and fogging system

Take control of onsite dust!

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